Spetember 2013

Hello! My name is Rhonda Eppelsheimer, and I wanted to share a little about my work with the OHSU UCEDD, and with the CPC!


As Assistant Director for the UCEDD I work with members of the CPC a lot. I am very thankful for the voice the council brings to our daily work here at the UCEDD. The work of the CPC keeps the UCEDD firmly grounded in the communities and concerns of people who have disabilities across Oregon.


Working with the CPC has helped guide my work in a variety of ways. I work most closely with a CPC group that focuses on spirituality and disability. They have a deep passion for making sure people who live with a disability have access to, and are included in, their communities of faith and/or spiritual practices. The group members share from their own lives and the lives of others they know.  This group wants to make resources for people with disabilities, their families and supporters, and communities of faith.


This group’s passion helps to shape the UCEDD’s long and short term goals and projects.  The group focuses on education, community service and training, research and information dissemination. With their help, we are making a website resource page and creating mini grants that will support the larger community and increase their ability to respond to the spiritual needs and practices of Oregonians with disabilities.


I enjoy my work with each member of the Council and see our work together as a strong partnership. This provides us direction and connection to carry out the work that helps make a difference in the lives of people here in Oregon.



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