October 2012, CPC Blog Post Clidia Gibson

In your Own Voice

About now, we are all probably tired of the campaign speeches!  But, did you know that 100 years ago women in Oregon were campaigning for the right to vote?? The issue was on the ballot for about the 6th time in 1912.  Of course, only men could vote, but luckily they finally realized women weren’t going to stop trying. Oregon women were able to vote before the national women’s suffrage passed in 1920.   In recent weeks, I’ve heard several people say they don’t “like” anyone running, so they aren’t going to vote.  Well, friends, many people across the globe do not have the right to vote.  We need to use ours! We can now register online (by October 16) and we vote by mail!  How easy can it get? And, we can read up on the candidates and issues.  The Oregon League of Women Voters has an excellent website-LWVOR.org-where we can download or order Voter Guides in lots of versions!  In a few weeks, we can get a voter guide in standard or large print, Easy Voter (meaning it’s in everyday language), Spanish, video, audio, and screen reader accessible.  You can also order a Braille version by calling 1-800-452-0292.


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